Bob CavanaughThe first thing you notice on Bob Cavanaugh is the yellow stitching boldly spelling out ‘Vietnam Vet’ across the black baseball cap atop his head.

Next is the Sponge Bob mask he wears, then the palpable joy that flows from his lumbering 6-foot frame after just receiving his first COVID-19 vaccine shot at Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus.

“I’ve been waiting for this shot for a long time,” he exclaimed.

“It feels like I’ve been wearing this mask forever,” as he glanced over at his daughter, Theresa, who accompanied him to the site.

“Now I get a chance to play with my grandchildren,” he continued. “At family get-togethers, I would just sit in the corner and interact from a distance. Now I can roll around on the floor with them.”

“This (shot) was nothing,” Bob said proudly. “I got all kinds of shots in the military and was even exposed to Agent Orange. Getting this (vaccine) means I can do more things. I don’t have to be afraid of touching my family anymore.”