Claudette Taylor’s Vaccine Story

Taylor getting her shotThe cold did not stop her.

The chilling wind did not cause her to falter, and the 4-foot piles of snow lining the sidewalk outside Zion Baptist Church at Broad and Venango Streets did not hinder her progress.

She “needed” to get this first shot of COVID-19 vaccine being administered inside the warm church.

At 73, Claudette Taylor has already survived 3 bouts of cancer. Her underlying medical conditions, however, were not the prime motivation for braving the elements — it was her family.

Family Above All Else

“A member of my family has diabetes, and I don’t want to pass anything along to him,” she said while nonchalantly rolling up her sleeve for the shot. “I didn’t want to take a chance.”

“I’ve had breast cancer twice and ovarian cancer,” she said easily. “I’ve had needles in my eyes, stomach, neck and foot, and I couldn’t wait to get here to get this shot. It was a piece of cake.”

Taylor explained that she was already careful about “who I was around and social distancing. Knowing I got this (vaccine) makes me feel better — like there is an end in sight and I can go out and do what I used to do.”

Over her lifetime, she said, she has received vaccinations for everything from polio to diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough.

“If it’s going to help you, and everybody around you get better, then you should get it,” she exclaimed. “I don’t understand the hesitation. It’s selfish because it’s more than just about you. It’s all of us. We are in this together.”