By Edward Drayton

Edward DraytonI have a ton of friends, close friends, that have passed away from COVID-19.

A lot of the patients that I deal with in the community that I’m servicing are impacted by it in a number of different ways.

I get to see firsthand when a patient has COVID and the turns that it takes and the toll that it takes on them as well as on their families. I’m able to go in and see a patient that’s not able to see their family, or having to talk to their family through an iPad. Then having to come back a day or two later only to see that that patient is no longer here. So it was an easy decision for me to get the vaccine.

Above all I love myself, and I love my family even more. Outside of that, I’m a numbers guy.

What I tell people is: Listen, you give me the numbers of people that you know that haven’t taken this vaccine and have survived COVID or have no ill effects or anything, and I’ll give you the number of people who get vaccinated and are still here. We have almost over a half a million that aren’t here for this. And the numbers are the numbers. The numbers aren’t a myth. The numbers aren’t just statistics — They are people who are no longer here.