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By Angel Pagan

Angel Pagan, wearing a mask, standing in front of homes in PhiladelphiaFour years ago, I battled with cancer. I’m grateful to God that I was able to overcome that.

When COVID came last year and the media was reporting on the devastation and the loss of life, I kind of got worried. I have another underlying condition: I’m also a diabetic. I was a little fearful that if I got infected with COVID, I would not make it.

When the vaccine became available, I was happy and eager to see where in the process I would fit to have the vaccine administered to me. Once I got the first dose, I was even happier.

A Chance in Life

Having the vaccine is a chance in life, especially with COVID. But having COVID without the vaccine is like a death sentence.

The community is a little hesitant for the most part. But looking at the community and the way it has impacted Latinos and other minorities, I believe that getting educated on the importance of having this vaccine and its positives will be a good opportunity for a new lease on life.

The Road to ‘Normal’

For the past year, we have been living in a different, changing environment. People didn’t know, even the experts — the medical experts — didn’t know the impact of the virus on human beings. As experts learned more and continued to work on developing this vaccine, it gave us hope.