Temple Mens Basketball Coach Aaron McKieBy Aaron McKie, Temple Men’s Basketball Head Coach

Every day you get up in the morning, come in, and get your kids doing what they’re supposed to be doing. You’re practicing all those things. It stopped. It just came to a quick halt. So you had to make adjustments.

Our kids were in different regions of the United States and we had to do everything virtually. It’s like our everyday, our day-to-day operation from personal interaction changed. Everything was through a computer or some type of iPad, cellphone, whatever type of device.

Leading By Example

This was a life-altering and world-changing pandemic that we went through. Because my wife and my daughter live with me, they had to be protecting themselves. I had to do it (get vaccinated) to make sure I played my part. So, I adhered to the guidelines to protect myself and protect my family, and the people around me.

Playing Beyond COVID

Throughout our lives, we’ve been able to just get out of society, do this, walk, talk, go meet, play basketball, go to the gym, and see people, see kids. Just get back to our normal, everyday lives. Being able to go to restaurants and different things that we would do as adults. And all of that has changed, and hopefully, we get back to that. It looks like we’re trending in that direction.

There Is No ā€œIā€ In Team

Being a team player… it’s protecting your mothers, protecting your fathers, protecting your grandmothers, your uncles, whoever it may be that could help save a life. And I think in the beginning we were all scattering and just trying to get as much information as we can to figure out what’s the right thing to do.

We’re following what the experts are telling us. And that’s pretty much how we live our lives. You work for a company, your boss is probably considered an expert, and you’re going to follow the instructions or directions from him. So here are people that studied science, all of these different things all of their lives, and this is an opportunity to really listen to what they’re saying.

Anyone Can Be A Star

If nothing else, this is an opportunity for someone to be a hero, and not only protect themselves, but protect the people around them. Moving forward, a lot is going to change, and not just here, but in the world. So at least we can just try to get back to being normal, where we can have our personal interaction here and not have to be wearing a mask. What we ultimately want to get back to is just living our normal lives.