Frank and Theresa RuccoFrank and Theresa Rucco are finally getting back to their old, light-spirited selves.

Frank, who works at a food distribution center, was designated ‘essential’ early and has had to work throughout the pandemic.

“I’m working with truck drivers from all across the country,” he said. “Some of them coming in from places where the virus is out of control. I’ve been a nervous wreck every day.”

“I’ve been in the house since September,” Theresa added. “I’m going stir crazy.”

That was the mood before the shot.

A few minutes after his first dose inside a tent set up in the Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus parking lot, Frank wanted to laugh and share some jokes. “I have had people tell me they won’t take the vaccine because they think it will turn them into a vampire,” he laughed loudly. “Can you believe that??”

“I haven’t seen my family in a long time,” said Theresa. “I think this is wonderful. I just want my life back.”