Eileen ChepyAfter 30 years of working in an oncology unit at Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus, Eileen Chepy has seen levels of sadness and heartbreak that many couldn’t imagine.

She also knows what happiness looks like after being helped back from the brink of despair, and says she saw it again when it was announced a vaccine had been found for the Covid-19 virus.

“Now everyone wants to dance in the streets,” she said warmly. “I know I couldn’t wait to get it, and I’m very excited that it’s (vaccine) finally here.”

Eileen says she is also happy with the science that went into producing the vaccine in record time.

“No shortcuts were taken,” said Eileen. “It’s total science. They just cut through red tape. There’s no reason not to get this.”

“Today, I’m completely vaccinated,” she said proudly after getting her second dose. “I’ll still do the basics like keeping my distance, wearing a face mask and washing my hands. But this? This, well, just makes you wanna dance!”

“I’ve seen people who had no hope,” she continued, “so I know what that looks like. This (vaccine) gives us hope.”