There is a lot of information shared on social media that may or may not be accurate. Our goal is to offer accurate and helpful information so that you can be well-informed and make the best decisions for yourself, friends and family. Here are sample social media messages, videos, images, and more that you can easily download or customize and share with your network.

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Just the Facts

Sample Messages for Social Media

Below are some example messages to post on your social media channels to help encourage others to get the COVID-19 vaccine and combat misinformation. These messages can be helpful for people who are skeptical about getting the vaccine and would also like more information to help make a decision.

Stay Protected with the COVID-19 Vaccine

  • COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting the vaccine as soon as it’s available to you.
  • Your best protection from #COVID19 will be a combination of getting a COVID-19 #vaccine, wearing a mask, staying 6+ feet away from others, avoiding crowds, and washing your hands frequently.
  • We need all available tools to stop the #COVID19 pandemic. Getting a COVID-19 #vaccine, wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet away from others, and washing your hands often will work together to get us through the pandemic.
  • In the coming months, many of us will have a chance to save lives and help stop the spread of coronavirus by receiving the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to us. Protect yourself and your loved ones by getting the vaccine as soon as it’s made available to you.

COVID-19 Vaccines Are Safe

  • The COVID-19 vaccines were developed historically fast, and we know for some people that’s raised concerns about safety. Like any vaccine, COVID-19 vaccines are carefully evaluated through clinical trials and must meet safety standards before being approved by the FDA.
  • Getting COVID-19 is bad for you. It can make people very sick and have long-lasting effects on their health. Just like a flu shot can protect you from getting the flu, the new COVID-19 vaccines can protect you from getting COVID-19.
  • Although the COVID-19 vaccines have been developed recently, the technology used in mRNA vaccines, like those developed by Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna, has been studied for more than a decade.
  • The COVID-19 vaccines currently in development in the US do not use the full live virus that causes COVID-19. Having symptoms like fever after you get a #vaccine is normal and a sign your immune system is learning to fight the virus. Other normal side effects that have been reported are: a sore arm, fatigue, headache, fever, and muscle soreness.

Tips for Sharing Your Own Vaccine Experience

Post a Photograph

  • Take a selfie wearing a COVID sticker or showing off the band-aid after you've received your Covid-19 Vaccine
  • Ask a friend or colleague to take your photo when you're getting your vaccine and/or after you receive it

Upload a Video

  • Film a video of you talking about your Covid-19 vaccine experience
  • Post video updates about your experience within 48-hours of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine to show that it's safe and help field concerns about the side effects
  • Answer common questions about the vaccine in a 1-2 minute video, and talk about your experience getting the shot

Engage with Others


Showing your pride about being vaccinated can help encourage other people to get the vaccine, too! Here's how to add a Facebook profile photo frame on desktop:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile page.
  2. Here you will see your profile photo at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the camera icon.
  4. Click add frame.
  5. Under 'Choose a Frame,' type in a phrase like covid vaccine or I got my shot.
  6. Click on the frame on the left hand side to preview it on your profile picture.
  7. Select your favorite and choose a time frame you want to keep it up, then click 'Use as Profile Picture'.
  8. Enjoy!


Instagram Stories are another popular way to share your vaccine pride. Here's how to add a Giphy sticker to your Instagram story:

  1. Click the (+) symbol to add a story.
  2. Choose a photo you'd like to share.
  3. Click the sticker icon (with the square smiley face).
  4. Select 'GIF'.
  5. Type in "Temple Vaccine" or other vaccine-related phrases.
  6. Choose a sticker and add it to your story!



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